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Whether you're a producer, writer, director, actor, owner of valuable IP, or multi-hyphenate, we've got you covered. We've handled all kinds of deals, and all sizes of projects, from the seed of an idea through the final stages of distribution. Our clients are creating and showrunning marquee television series, producing blockbuster films based on beloved properties, tackling important social issues in documentary film, writing and directing award winning independent films, and starring in the roles they were born to play. With our experience in entertainment dealmaking, we've got you covered.


The international music industry is crowded with fish and teeming with sharks. You don't want to be swimming these waters alone. We've shepherded recording artists from their very first gigs played to a mere handful of folks on to sold-out international arena tours and smashed sales records. We'll level with you about what we've seen work, where to focus your attention, and what pitfalls to avoid. Our clients run the gamut from platinum selling producers and Grammy award-winning bands to international video game companies and record labels.

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At Reynolds & Associates, we're big on being more than just a suit who services your paperwork. We're on your team, and you're on ours. That means being direct and honest with you about everything, and being available to actually talk. Bring us on board to help you not only make the most of your latest gig, but also strategize and plan with the long view in mind. You want a career with legs, and we're here to counsel you every step of the way.

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