Intellectual Property


Creation is hard work. You might keep your money in a bank, but what are you doing to secure your intellecutal assets? In an age where everything is on the internet, we'll help you make sure that the fruits of your labor are protected against theft and misappropriation. Whether your work is written, composed, recorded, painted, filmed, or performed, we can walk you through how best to take advantage of all the safeguards our laws can provide.

Interested in licensing someone else's intellectual property? Sometimes you just can't beat the words, photograph, song, or audiovisual work that someone else has already created. We'll help you through every step of the deal, and make sure that the paperwork secures all the rights you need.


The most valuable element of your business may very well be its good name. You'll expend a lot of effort earning the public's trust and respect—don't let your competitors ride your tailcoats! The sooner you start thinking about how to defend the goodwill of your brand, the stronger your protection will be.

Idea Protection

An idea can change the world. But that doesn't necssarily mean that the law will help you protect it. The actions that might help you take advantage of your idea could be the very ones that cost you legal protection. But there are things you can do to maintain exclusive ownership, even while sharing your ideas with others. We'll advise you on how best to walk the line between being safe and making the most of your idea.

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